Awards We'd Like to See

Apr 24, 17:02 by IROSF
Thread for the discussion of Jay and Ruth's column, or awards you'd like to see...

The article is here.
Apr 24, 18:05 by Louise Marley
Perfect! Jay and Ruth have provided our publishers with all sorts of new material to put on book covers . . . and at least as meaningful as what we have now. Great laugh, guys. I want to be on one of these juries.
Apr 25, 11:10 by Sean Melican
You forgot the Illiterate Artist Award, given to artists for magazine or book covers in which the artwork shows a scene or image which explicitly contradicts the manuscript.

Also, the A'p'o's't'r'o'p'h'e A'w'a'r'd given to the writer who most pointlessly overuses apostrophes in made up words to give an alien flavor to an otherwise bland story.
May 10, 13:26 by Matt Kirby
I'd like to see the "Qrhwx Award" for the SF/F name that most successfully stops the reader dead in their tracks as they try to figure out how to pronounce it.
May 10, 14:44 by Scott Sandridge
And let's not forget the "As you Know, Bob" Award.
May 11, 10:53 by Lois Tilton
A gilt toy dumptruck?

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