Beyond Singularity

Jun 5, 20:53 by IROSF
A thread to discuss this anthology or Robert Bee's review.

The article can be found here.
Jun 5, 22:07 by Gregory Benford
Ah, but what of aliens who've long ago gone through their Singularity? They should be here by now, you'd think.
A new twist on the persistent Fermi Paradox... Does an absence of aliens imply no Singularity, or no aliens?

Gregory Benford
Jun 5, 22:43 by Bluejack
No singularity.

Although it's a fascinating concept and a compelling mathematical metaphor, I think there are material limitations to "infinite intelligence" that preclude any such thing.

We're already seeing the end of Moore's law in processing speed, and we'll hit the ceiling on other things as well. The sci-fi hype of quantum computing is almost certainly vastly overrated. Assuming the limitation of lightspeed, even solar-system wide networks in which all matter is dedicated to information processing are going to have a fairly low processing ceiling compared to the brute force power required of singularity style transcendence.

Moreover, every large corporation is a testament to the information processing limitation when it comes to economies of scale. The manufacturing overhead diminishes, but the management overhead is exponential. Coordinating networks of networks of parallel processing towards a single goal -- for problems in which quantum logic does not apply -- becomes a logistical (and logical) problem larger than brute force problem solving.

At least that's my opinion. How about yours?
Jun 8, 19:45 by Ron Dwyer
I don't like these Singularity theorists. Some believe in The Rapture. Others believe in the Classless Society. And others believe in the Singularity.

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