The Wendigo

Jun 5, 20:56 by IROSF

A thread to discuss the Wendigo and Bill Lengeman's article.

The article itself can be found here
Jun 6, 03:32 by Christina Francine
I enjoyed your piece on Wendigos Bill. I'd like to recommend a fantastic book for those who are interested. It's called, 'Sins of the Flesh' by Don & Jay Davis. It was published by TOR and the copyright is 1989. Not only is its plot good, but the writing is some of the best I've ever encountered. I first read it one night all alone and even though I knew better, every sound made me jump.

I wrote a review for this at a few years back.

I believe Amazon carries the book for mere pennies.

Jun 6, 07:52 by Jena Snyder
Excellent article!

When I was researching the wendigo legend for my novel-in-progress, Devil in the Kitchen, I found a quote that opened up all kinds of thematic possibilities for me: "The wendigo is the personification of physical and spiritual famine." A person might become a wendigo after starving to the point where they'll eat human flesh, but could the same thing happen to someone who loses hope or conviction, or has no faith? Would their heart slowly harden and grow cold as well?

"Heart of Ice," an excerpt from my novel, appeared in the Feb. 2006 issue of Realms of Fantasy and was reviewed in the March 2006 issue of IROSF: (

--Jena Snyder
Jun 10, 10:45 by Brian McCarthy
Another story:
August Derleth, the editor who kept HP Lovecraft's books in print, wrote a story about the Wendigo, maybe Thing That Walked on Wind. As I recall, it had only one leg.

And a near-parallel:
There's a Greek myth about Erysichthon, who cuts down the wrong tree and is punished by Ceres with endless hunger. He eventually consumes himself.

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