The 2005 UK Small Press Review

Jun 5, 20:56 by IROSF

A thread to discuss small press life in Britain.

The article can be found here
Jun 6, 01:02 by Niall Harrison
a couple of new micro-presses have formed and released new 's fanzine has changed into a slick, perfect-bound magazine, releasing one issue towards the end of 2005, with four projected issues a year.

Is there something missing from the middle of this sentence, or should I just not try to read things this early in the morning?
Jun 6, 01:08 by Niall Harrison
... also, if you're including the SF Foundation it's worth mentioning the two books they published: Parietal Games: Critical Writings by and on M. John Harrison, ed. Mark Bould and Michelle Reid; and The Interaction, a collection of essays on the work of Christopher Priest, ed. Andrew M. Butler.
Jun 6, 02:20 by Tony Lee
Premonitions will continue (a new edition is now in the works for late 2006), but published irregularly, and only when it's ready.

Tony Lee
Pigasus Press
Jun 6, 07:26 by Neil Ayres
Thanks for keeping the flags flying, Lavie.

Also, you forgot to mention Book of Voices, which was mainly produced in the UK (and printed here), by Flame Books. It features stories by Jeffrey Ford (story selected for reprint in this year's Year's Best Fantasy and Horror), Tanith Lee and Andrew Hook (title story of the collection you mentioned), as well as from more mainstream authors including Patrick Neate and Gregory Norminton. It was published in aid of Sierra Leone PEN.

And remember, second against the wall!
Jun 6, 07:44 by Niall Harrison
And (as Cheryl Morgan has just pointed out), no mention of Beccon Publications, which published Gary K. Wolfe's Hugo-nominated Scores.

(And there's something weird with the formatting in the browser I have to use at work, IE6; the article goes into bold italics about half way down. It was fine in Safari, though.)

Aside from all the nitpicks, interesting overview, though. [g]
Jun 6, 08:05 by Bluejack
Well, to the nitpicks... deepest apologies for the cut-n-paste error near the opening & the dropped cite tag lower down. I take full responsibility for those gaffes, and everything should be fixed now.

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