Feminist Science Fiction

Jun 5, 20:57 by IROSF

A thread to discuss Jay and Ruth's discussion of Feminist SF.

The article can be found here
Jun 6, 16:14 by Jed Hartman
Interesting article, and provides timely comments on some things I've been thinking about; thanks.

But I'm a little surprised to see you refer to the Tiptree as "the award for feminist SF"; it seems to me that in that paragraph in particular, and to some extent in the rest of the article in general, you're conflating "feminist" with "having to do with gender," and I think those things can be pretty different (though there's obviously a great deal of overlap between them).

For example, although recent Tiptree-winning novel Light certainly explores and expands gender (those being the criteria for the Tiptree), I'm not convinced that it's a feminist book per se.

To put it another way, I don't interpret the WisCon FAQ definition of feminism as indicating that any work that deals with gender issues is inherently feminist. Then again, I may really just be reacting to the WisCon FAQ definition being a little broader than my own.
Jun 16, 14:28 by Allan Rosewarne
Remember, too, that many critics of the Tiptree have called the women's SF award. Misunderstanding the purpose and criteria for the Tiptree is hardly new. (reference discussion by D. Brin at 1996 WorldCon).

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