June 2006 IROSF

Jun 5, 20:59 by IROSF

Pretty big issue this month! Feel free to discuss the issue as a whole right here.
Jun 6, 12:56 by Michael Bishop
You might want to approach George Zebrowski about writing a column on Stanislaw Lem.
Jun 6, 14:32 by Bluejack
Thanks for the tip!
Jun 6, 23:25 by Bluejack
FYI: Other people who have been mentioned as being close to Stanislaw Lem are: Bruce Gillespie and Franz Rottensteiner. I don't know if we'll really pull this together, but it's always amazing to me how the interconnectedness of the community works.

Sometimes, the science fiction world is like a big brain in which the most relevant nodes find each other and connect quickly. Whether they get off their fat butts and do something useful, of course, remains up to the body, but the way the brain works is pretty impressive!
Jun 7, 14:44 by Jim Van Pelt
Hi, Bluejack. Just thought I'd drop you a note to let you know how much I appreciate your continued work on IROSF. I look forward to the e-mail each month announcing the new issue.
Jun 10, 12:57 by Bluejack
Thanks Jim, obviously, it's not "my" work -- the writers are doing the best work, and the other editors are doing an enormous amount of work -- but I know you mean "you" in the plural there.

It's great to get the feedback! Thanks!
Jul 2, 15:43 by Bluejack
FYI: with regard to the July issue, looks like we're going to hold off publication until Monday the 10th... fourth of july weekend and all that.


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