Short Fiction

Jul 10, 23:03 by IROSF
This thread is dedicated to the discussion of recent short fiction.

Lois' article can be found here
Jul 21, 17:07 by twosheds
Concerning F&SF, the first page of "Penultima Thule" made me wonder if the story was going to be an ode to botany, but I had few comments written in the margins which means it kept me happily involved.

I found the writing in "Map" to be confusing at times. Iím writing more, so POV questions seem to pop out at me more often now. And at one point near the beginning, I just couldn't keep Lucas and Ford apart. They both seemed to hold the same book at one time in one scene, and then it crossed my mind that they were the same person: Lucas Ford---but they werenít. Iíd like to know how and why faith and cartography became fused, but thatís just me.

"Pleased to Meetcha" was a big set-up for a simplistic end.

Concerning "Immortal Forms," I vaguely remember an earlier story in F&SF about a haunted house in N. O. I wonder if itís the same author? Iím too lazy to look it up, but it was an excellent story (this one). At one point I felt pounded with back-story, but it had emotional impact so itís easy to get through. In odd sections, the story sounded like a commercial with reference to specific brand-name products, places, authors etc. Once, KD Wentworth impressed upon me the importance of establishing genre quickly, on the first page if possible. At the time, I liked to wait 2 to 5 page before presenting the SF/F element, but now, Iím starting to see her point. In this story, the SF/F element doesnít get introduced until many pages into the story. I can see why this approach might lose many readers. But I enjoyed the story. I suppose the theme is ďbad things happen to bad people.Ē Nothing new here.

I would guess comedy is the toughest thing to write; I wonít tackle it myself. The "Jack Goode" story is so silly, I kept wondering if I should continue through the whole story, which I did. Personally, not my kind of humor.

I like Robert Reedís style: very easy reading, smooth prose. But I think you summed it up best: itís an idea, not a story. My reaction to the end was ďThatís it?Ē

I greatly enjoyed "Okanoggan Falls." Weirdoes like me want to know more about the invasion and what happened when (if) we fought back, but thatís not the intent of the story. The love story didnít seem to jive with the story overall, and I wonder what its purpose was. Nothing seemed to be resolved there.
Jul 21, 18:12 by Lois Tilton
Concerning "Immortal Forms," I vaguely remember an earlier story in F&SF about a haunted house in N. O. I wonder if itís the same author?

Cowdrey is a regular at F&SF, and his stuff is usually pretty good indeed. I have no doubt the story you recall is his - N. O. is a setting he often uses.

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