Reevaluating Ellison

Jul 10, 23:08 by IROSF
A thread to discuss Harlan Ellison, or Eric Joel Bresin's discussion of Repent, Harlequin.

The article can be found here
Jul 29, 13:47 by Jamie Ford
I appreciate your deep analysis of that particular story. Still, it's one of my least favorite Ellison tales, probably because of baggage I brought in as a reader. I read Repent, Harlequin right after 1984, and while I didn't like Orwells's book, it diminished what I got out of Ellisons tale.
Jul 29, 19:46 by Eric Bresin
Interesting. Have you found yourself feeling that way about other Dystopias, such as Huxley's A Brave New World or Lowrey's The Giver?

However, I agree that Ellison has written much better stories. I could probably name a million of them that I like better than "Repent".

And thank you for appreciating my criticism; I wanted to give readers a different way of looking at an old classic. I hope I achieved my goal.

Jul 30, 12:54 by Eric Bresin
Lowry, not "Lowrey". Pardon me.

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