Breaking the Success Barrier

Jul 10, 23:10 by IROSF
A thread to discuss the path to success.

The article can be found here
Jul 11, 10:39 by Scott Sandridge
A very good article. Something that all us writers can learn from.
Jul 11, 17:16 by Jay Lake
Thanks, Scott. It's one of those elephants in the room for writers, I think...we all look down the path and wonder, but nobody likes to talk about it.
Jul 16, 06:45 by Scott Sandridge
I think that's mostly because people have a natural tendency to not talk about the things they need to talk about the most.
Aug 1, 17:42 by Steven Francis Murphy
Feel like I'm facing this problem right now. I found the article pretty handy.


S. F. Murphy
Northtown, Missouri
Aug 2, 06:40 by Jay Lake
Glad it helped, SF.

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