A Scanner Darkly

Jul 10, 23:11 by IROSF
A thread to discuss Philip K. Dick adaptations, and more particularly, the most recent.

The article can be found here
Jul 11, 05:54 by Daniel M. Kimmel
I largely agree. At the press screening in Boston most of us were pretty impressed but then the next reaction was, "Who's going to go see it?"

I'd also point out that the rotoscoping works much better here than it did in "Waking Life," which gave me a headache. And it turns out to be a great solution to one of the few SFnal ideas in the book, the "scramble suits" the narcs wear so no one can identify them.
Jul 13, 14:03 by frank smith
PKD's books are pretty talky, especially the books he wrote in the seventies. (VALIS, ALBEMUTH, SCANNER, etc.)

WAKING LIFE seemed to be a good precursor to SCANNER in that respect.

I never thought he excelled at writing action scenes, which most of the movies based on his works have focused almost exclusively on.

So that's a good thing to know about SCANNER being talky.
Jul 22, 16:44 by Adrian Simmons
We went to see this last night. I liked it. I do think it went a little slow, to be honest. And, outside of the scramble suits, there wasn't much science fictional about it.

But it was a good movie. There is something about the shots of Fred/Arctor when he's inside the suit that give him an air of utter marginalization and lonliness.


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