Only Revolutions by Mark Z. Danielewski

Aug 9, 17:46 by IROSF
A thread to discuss the book or the review.

Nussbaum's review can be found here
Aug 29, 10:50 by Douglas James
I cannot wait to get my hands on Only Revolutions. Makes my palms sweat to think about it! M.D. is not the writer that J.Joyce was, but his imagination and style take us close to the same world.
Apr 14, 23:55 by 0
I'm most puzzled by this review,
clearly you have underlined the major structures of the book.
But I don't think anybody would place himself under such tedious poetical
(like 90 words per page, answering or echoing the page below, matching the historical context of the gutter, being mirrored on the other side of page 180, and other mirrors into mirrors into wheels into circles into "o" and ooozes of sorrow, ectasy, melancholy, expectation, surprises)
to use language "carelessly"
I think, on the contrary, that MZD is very aware of such a thing as language
and toys with it to invent a new kind of poetry, ever shifting, ever rhyming.
If you were bored, do not hazard that the words were merely thrown of the pages.

I mean, come on, to say that an author "fills up" pages with words, and just piles them up
is calling the book a scam.

Only Revolutions gave me, a foreign speaker, an incredible time : both for the senses and the intellect. It's always a language of the extreme
because we're always extreme.

If found rythms, rhymes mirrored in four dimensions, chiasms going over centuries or seconds. An ectastic exploration of the abilities of language to mimicate, reiterate, parallel, converge, diverge, the same action through all these prisms... while keeping a rushing beat.

A real duo, a real duel, a real duality about love and liberty,
if this is not poetry...

I really don't know what is !

(Please advise some good XXIst century poetry?)

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