Friends of the Wendigo

Aug 9, 17:51 by IROSF
Another thread to discuss the Wendigo -- or Lisa Agnew's follow-up on the subject.

The article can be found here.
Aug 10, 22:36 by travitt hamilton
My reaction/question about cannibalism in pop culture is this: once someone has a bit of the "long pig," it's like they can't get enough. Is it really that tasty? In reality, most of the stories of cannibalism I'm familiar with are borne of necessity and desperation.

It actually strikes me as similar to the way homosexuality is often portrayed, and not just in fiction, but in so-called real life by the Family Research Council and Focus on the Family and these types of wingnut organizations. Not only is it a perversion, but it's apparently something we have to vigilantly guard against at all times, because secretly we know it's inside us. We know we want it and if we let down our shields for even a moment, we'll be skipping off to Oz.

I haven't really thought it through, but it might be interesting to compare the language used to describe the two issues in pop culture (not that cannibalism is an "issue"). I'm wondering if cannibalism is a metaphor for homosexuality, and if so how intentional it is.

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