The August, 2006 Issue

Aug 9, 17:54 by IROSF

Feel free to chat about the whole issue here, or Bluejack's editorial, which can be found here.
Aug 10, 03:23 by Daniel M. Kimmel
As one of your writers (although not this month) I'll say I'm happy to be part of your enterprise and look forward to seeing/meeting you all at Worldcon. From my perspective I'm pleased with the editorial support and the promptness of payment. (Would I like more money? Sure. Can I complain to editors who aren't being paid at all? Not really.)

What would be helpful is a bit more certainty of publication. Not what day the new issue goes online, but what the status of a given article is. A brief note saying, "The article you rushed to get in for the August issue has been bumped and will run in September (or whenever)" would go a long way in reassuring the paranoid writers that you haven't a.) lost it b.) don't like us anymore or c.) are passing it around amongst the other editors and making fun of it.

So that's my wish: improved communication.
Aug 10, 09:25 by Bluejack
Thanks, Daniel, good to hear some feedback from an author. We'll definitely work on that.
Aug 10, 12:20 by Dario Ciriello
I think it's tremendous that you've made it three years paying $70 per article (not bad money in this field!) without any contributions from readers! When you figure out what kind of subscription/donation model to adopt, I'll be happy to contribute to an excellent publication.
Aug 10, 12:30 by Bill Lengeman
I've wracked my brain to come up with another publication that publishes "serious" genre non-fiction and pays more than $70 a pop. If they're out there, I'm not aware of it. I'd also agree with the other contributor who said that being paid promptly was a nice touch. That's a relatively rare thing in the publishing biz.
Aug 13, 09:05 by Ellen Datlow
Rob Killheffer's and my website, Event Horizon, paid $100 a column for 1 1/2 years.
Aug 14, 07:13 by Michael Blackmore
I'm a new reader, but I'm all in favor of a paid subscription model if it means your writers get paid fairly and you keep publishing.

Of course, I'm one of the few people I know that actually buys the books sold by web comics publishers. I'm insane that way, I believe in supporting the creators of works I enjoy...

I'd be on board.
Aug 14, 18:03 by Bluejack
Yes, we'll take a few steps, probably starting in October to figuring out how we can achieve a self-sustaining model. I have heard from others over the years who have been eager to contribute simply because they believe that it's the right thing to do. I expect that attitude is in the minority, but I think with the right encouragement and incentives we can figure out a way to at least break even, or maybe even finance some expansion.
Aug 22, 00:10 by Abby Goldsmith
I'll be at Worldcon, but not on Thursday. I'll keep an eye out for the IROSF booth.

Personally, I love everything you do here, from content to site design to payment. You're far more professional than 99% of the other web-based SF/F sites. Quintamid also rocks.

I'm all in favor of getting the monthly issues in PDA downloadable formats. Great idea! For what it's worth, I appreciate all the time and effort you put into this publication, and I'd like to see your readership grow.

Aug 24, 11:37 by Bluejack
Thanks Abby. We're not actually doing a booth, but keep an eye for is at the bar, or just around the Con. We'll be here all weekend.

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