Who's going to WorldCon?

Aug 15, 12:57 by Bluejack

Hey, drop a note here if you're going to WorldCon. If you want an invite to the IROSF / Aeon party, send me some email, and I'll keep you updated on room # info. But even if you can't make the party, let us know you're going to be there so we can keep an eye out for you!
Aug 15, 17:21 by Daniel M. Kimmel
I'll be there. It was definitely worth hitting your party at Cascadiacon last year. :)
Aug 24, 11:36 by Bluejack
FYI: For those checking the boards at WorldCon, our party is in room 5-240, starting at 9.

Aug 25, 16:46 by joboser2@gmail.com
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