Science Fiction on the Cheap

Sep 27, 17:33 by IROSF
A thread to discuss Steven Utley's essay.

The article can be found here.
Sep 28, 00:42 by Byron Belzak
A wonderful account that would make a wonderful addition to Wikipedia. And thanks for the viewers' list of oldies and goodies. It makes me want to go to Netflix, Blockbuster or my local library to see what they have in their sci-fi video arsenal of fun, particularly Flash Gordon and gang.
Sep 28, 01:16 by A.R. Yngve
The 80s TV show JASON OF STAR COMMAND seems heavily inspired by old movie serials (but had much better special FX).
I recall from my childhood a Danish 1980s TV series, CRASH, which was a faithful homage/spoof of movie serials (again, with better special FX).

Nov 2, 14:41 by Joe Prisco
Nothing to add to this wonderful overview / article / essay. Very enjoyable reading :-)

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