Star Wars on Trial

Dec 12, 17:37 by IROSF
A thread to discuss Star Wars, its accusers, its defenders, or William Lengeman's review of the debate recorded in the collection assembled by Brin and Stover.

The article can be found here.
Dec 13, 03:43 by Liz Fox
/As for Charge 3 (Star Wars novels are driving "real" SF off the shelves), Lou Anders speaks for the defense./

Guessing you mean prosecution here.

Fun, kitschy comic relief that wears out its welcome in a David Brin book? I'd have never seen that one coming. ;)
Dec 14, 03:26 by A.R. Yngve
I agree with Davin Brin that we should ask more of the next "new mythology": that it resonates better with real life, does not discriminate against women, and is less elitist.

So: where is "the next Star Wars" going to come from? (Not from LucasFilm, that's for sure.)

Jun 19, 23:53 by
Thanks that is useful i think

Excorts whore

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