Charles Grant (1942-2006)

Dec 12, 17:44 by IROSF
A thread to remember Charles Grant.

Craig Shaw Gardner's article can be found here.
Aug 2, 07:43 by James Phillips
I will always have fond memories of Charlie Grant. I had organized a science fiction convention as a student at Bergenfield High School in New Jersey in 1976 and had invited him and Fred Pohl on Ben Bova's recommendation since they had lived in New Jersey at the time. Both showed up that snow-filled January and gave wonderful lectures to the brave ones who walked through the white powder and slush. I had invited each to dine with us afterwards, but Mr. Pohl had to drive back to Red Bank, so we all went to the local Ground Round for a meal and drinks. I was the only teen who could drink alcohol at the table with the state drinking law being eighteen at the time. I will never forget the wonderful and encouraging words Charlie had for me when I told him about Barry Malzberg's letter declining the event. At this time, Barry lived in the next town over and he was in the period of his life ranting against science fiction and it was pretty intimidating. Charlie had previously written to me when he accepted the invite: "fret not; it's typical Malzberg, but don't ask me why." In his humility, he also did not think at the time that he was as famous as I had made him out to be. When he was at the podium, he asked the audience in his quiet voice to come closer and everyone did. I also introduced Charlie to my mother and seven year old sister who asked him for his autograph. A reporter (Peter Golenbock) from The Bergen Record showed up and interviewed Charlie and Fred even printed a photo of Charlie next to the article, but listing him at Charles R. Clarke, confusing him with Arthur C. Clarke, whom Charlie had mentioned in his lecture. Needless to say, I got on the phone and had the paper print a correction. All in all, looking at the photographs, I just wish I was still that skinny, wide-eyed, ambitious teenager sitting between two gentlemen on that day.
Aug 2, 23:46 by Marti McKenna
Thanks, James, for sharing this lovely story with all of us.

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