Fall, 2006

Dec 12, 17:45 by IROSF
Don't get us started. No, we're not a quarterly, but this quarter one issue was all we could manage. Back to monthly in the new year!

Editorial is here.
Dec 13, 17:42 by Joe Prisco
Bluejack should get across Lake Washington sometime so I can buy him a mocha and thank him in person for this fine publication -- no matter how often it does or does not come out. Good work, and well appreciated!
Dec 13, 19:53 by Adrian Simmons
I've often wondered why there wasn't a 'donate to this site' button somewhere at IROSF.

Glad to see a new issue!
Dec 13, 20:44 by Robert Brown
Hang in there, Lambert! (From one Bert! to another.)

Hope you are well!
Dec 14, 12:19 by Michael Turner
Better to be good than on-time. Keep at it, your work is appreciated.
Jun 19, 23:53 by wikirass@gmail.com
Yes i think you are right

Excorts whore

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