Twiki Love and Space Rock

Jan 9, 11:52 by IROSF
The worst? Really the worst? Well, I guess something has to be. Register your own thoughts here.

The article can be found here.
Jan 10, 06:37 by Nancy Beck
LOL! Although I tuned in, briefly, to one episode of Buck Rogers blah blah blah, the only thing I remember is the tinny, weird voice of that C3P0 ripoff (I recognized it as Mel Blanc's voice right away, and wondered why, why, after so many great cartoons).

As for the worst episode I've seen? Hard to say. There's the overpopulation episode from the original Star Trek (The Mark of Gideon); I don't know why, but I have a hard time getting into this particiular episode and avoid it like the plague.

There's the Chakotay boxing episode from Star Trek: Voyager (can't remember the name of it); hubby and I scratched our heads over that one, and have only viewed it once.

There are probably other ones, but those are the ones that come to my mind.

Trivia fans should note that Mangro is portrayed by the late Jerry Orbach, who also went on to make something of himself, most notably as Lennie Briscoe, on the series Law and Order: Trial By Jury.

Actually, Jerry Orbach was in the original Law and Order for 13 years (1991-2004). He'd only filmed 2 episodes of the spinoff, Trial By Jury, when he died in December 2004.

Jan 11, 20:14 by James Phillips
Actually, I would have to agree with Harlan Ellison and Ben Bova about THE STARLOST being the worst drek I have ever seen on television. The actors in that one are as dead as the cheesy sets.

James Phillips
Jan 12, 12:10 by A.R. Yngve
When Twiki says "Bidi bidi!", doesn't it sound uncannily like "Bidé, bidé"..??

Jan 21, 16:36 by Brian Dolton
Interesting that you should mention Emerson, Lake and Palmer, and then put in a show-quote referencing a character called "Tarkus" - that was the title of one of their albums.

So clearly the scriptwriters had ELP in mind, too.

As I recall, no episode of BRIT25C was in any remote way anything resembling good. Some things seemed good at the time and look terrible with hindsight, but Buck seemed absolutely terrible even at the time.

Then again, so did Battlestar Galactica, so can we expect a revisionist reappearance of Buck?

I can but pray otherwise.
Apr 19, 00:53 by Ian Sales
Having recently watched the entire first season of BRIT25C on DVD, the full horror of 'Space Rocker's is still clear in my mind. It's bad, but whether it's the worst episode in the series is another matter... The two-parter concluding the season, 'Flight of the War Witch', definitely comes close. Okay, it features no mind-numbing jazz-disco-elevator music fusion, but Julie Newmar as the eponymous War Witch (whatever that might be) is the epitome of skiffy camp. The plot makes no sense either - something about an alternate dimension reached via a "vortex". Oh, and the inhabitants all appear human and speak English. When asked why by Buck, they explain it is for his benefit. Which doesn't explain why the enemy forces led by the War Witch should appear human and speak English too...

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