Gilligan's Island Earth

Jan 9, 11:55 by IROSF
A thread to discuss This Island Earth or Dan Kimmel's view of this "classic."

The article can be found here.
Jan 9, 12:33 by Jim Van Pelt
I loved (and was scared by) This Island Earth as a kid. Thanks for bringing back some fond memories.
Jan 11, 01:50 by A.R. Yngve
I only saw the MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 version of the movie, and must say it deserved the mocking.

As Daniel points out, the plot is weak and doesn't really go anywhere. (At first I thought this was because the MST3K version had been cut down, but this review only confirms the plot problems.)

Favorite zinger from this MST3K episode: Exeter approaches Metaluna Mutant, moves to speak... and Tom Servo quips: "Guten Tag! Zigaretten?"



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