The Garden in the Machine

Jan 9, 11:55 by IROSF
A thread to discuss cyberpunk, the Internet, or any of the related themes Ruth and Jay discuss.

The article can be found here.
Jan 15, 10:07 by Wendy Delmater
That was a lovely article Ruth, Jay.
Jan 15, 18:14 by Bluejack
One thing I like about the internet is the way, although it is not living up to the wildest imagingings of spec-fic authors (yet), at least in terms of immersive 3D technology and, ahem, a space for the manifestation of emergent intelligences, it is nonetheless transforming every aspect of society, but most especially those pertaining to communication.
Jan 24, 13:56 by Janine Stinson
I'd also recommend the Rifters books by Peter Watts (IROSF, Dec. 2004, "Storming Gehenna") and <i>Idolon</i> by Mark Budz.

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