Volume IV!

Jan 9, 11:56 by IROSF
A thread to discuss the current issue.

The editorial can be found here.
Jan 10, 08:56 by Yoon Lee
Oh, man, and all this time I've been pronouncing it "eye-rah-seff." Bad editor...no editorial biscuit...
Jan 12, 00:31 by Normand D. Paquin
For a moment,last December,I feared that IROSF might(...) I'm so glad to see you back. A prosperous 2007 to you and your colleagues. Longue vie IROSF.
Jan 17, 09:39 by Joe Prisco
Who are you, and why do you keep sending me emails ... ? ---- oh, wait, I remember -- I signed up for this! No worries; IROSF has always proved worth waiting for.
Jan 17, 12:09 by Bluejack
Lol. We do get some of that. I cancel about four accounts per month because people have forgotten what we are and why they were interested. Usually, I think, someone signed up for just one article that was of interest months and months ago, and then have forgotten all about it.

Once we go to paid subscription, I want to keep something in place for people who may be interested in just one article now and then so they don't have to pay or go through unnecessary hoops for the content.
Jan 22, 21:04 by erich keser
Hello all,

New to this forum and e-zine, but a longtime PKD list member, since introduced to it by my late friend, Wayne Daniels.

I like the start of Scott Lawson's article on VALIS. SF is indeed a much maligned and continually marginalized gender. Perhaps it is too much to ask of an apparently unpaid writer, but I do wish that it would go further and deeper.

At this point, I've become very sceptical of "meta" claims about this work. Is such background and subtle subversion really occuring at all?


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