The Monster Within and Without

Feb 7, 21:19 by IROSF
A thread to discuss... GODZILLA!

The article can be found here.
Feb 22, 14:27 by Adrian Simmons
I, too, was dissapointed in the 1998 remake. It started off cool, but went right down the tubes about halfway through.

I've never actually seen the orginal version of Godzilla, it sounds like I should check it out.

However, there are certain grim realities that center around the end of WWII. We were already killing thousands of Japanse with firbombings every week already. While the Japanese people may have been more than ready to surrender, they weren't in charge. The military might have even been ready, but they had not by the time we dropped the first bomb, nor did they immediatly after that. They even blocked information from our scientist to theirs regarding the power of the weapons we were using. And THEN some of the military leadership attempted a coup to keep them from surrendering.

And we were very worried about the Soviets.

Oct 17, 13:45 by
Thanks a lot for sharing this informations

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