Howard Waldrop

Feb 7, 21:22 by IROSF
Let's talk about him behind his back...

The article can be found here.
Feb 8, 06:39 by Hal W. Hall
For anyone who wants to do research on Howard, come to the Cushing Library at Texas A&M University, where Howard's books, papers and manuscripts are housed. A finding guide to the collection is available online at
Feb 12, 11:43 by kevin mcveigh
If I lived 4000 miles closer I'd be camped out there. I'm working on an article on Howard right now that actually refutes some of what Robert Bee has written, though I have to thank him for some useful pointers too. He's right about one thing for sure, Howard Waldrop is unjustly neglected.
Feb 18, 20:22 by Matthew Davis
I had an essay on Waldrop: "The Music of the Spheres is Frankie Lymon" in the last issue of Bruce Gillespie's "Steam engine Time". It's at but it is a largish pdf
Oct 17, 13:45 by
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