Why No People on the Moon?

Feb 7, 21:23 by IROSF
A thread to discuss extra-terrestrial colonization, or Ryder's essay.

The article can be found here.
Feb 20, 09:11 by Adrian Simmons
This was a really cool article. It does seem that after the "big step" of the Moon landing, the space program has kind of gone into a low-profile kind of gradual progress mode. Which is probably for the better. But perhaps another "big step" is in order, to spur the public's interest?
Feb 26, 05:44 by A.R. Yngve
Speaking of STAR TREK: The TV series and films seem to have completely skipped over the Moon and Mars. Are the Moon and Mars colonized in Star Trek?

What I'm onto here is: there is no pop-culture "mythology", no great "story" about mankind colonizing the Moon and/or Mars.
"The first Moon landing" was told as a story many times before the fact -- but then what? Silence.

People need more than science to "go after" the Moon: they need a "story" to make sense of the endeavour. (Any ad-agency man or Hollywood script-writer could've told you that.)

Mar 22, 10:24 by Ryder W. Miller
In the past the story may have been the first explorer stepping on the moon or in the case of Mars a new Frontier. Now the story can be International cooperation and the recognition of space as a wilderness or something special to appreciate as is, at least for the foreseable future.
Sep 16, 20:02 by andalucia
if you really want to know read william cooper! and then make a decision! listen to all, read all and don't believe anything till you can see proof do research! the government cannot delete everything form the web! good luck to you all!

Open your eyes! enough is enough!

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