Interplanetary Romance

Feb 7, 21:23 by IROSF
Have something to add?

The bibliography can be found here.
Feb 8, 05:57 by Nancy Beck
As I'm trying to expand the genres (and sub-genres) I normally read, and my SF quotient is pretty low, I've ordered Princess of Mars.

I'm hoping that if I like that one enough, I'll pick up others, as I see fit.

Mucho thanks for the list! :-)

Feb 9, 08:38 by Bill Lengeman
Great article and lists. Ray Cummings' Tama of the Light Country and Tama, Princess of Mercury are also worth a look.
Feb 9, 21:50 by Matthew Rees
You forgot to mention one of the most important planetary romances of all - Dune.

By the way, Under the Moons of Mars is a collection of the first three books in the John Carter series, and used copies can be had at very low prices from
Feb 10, 17:48 by Justin Howe
And don't forget CL Moore's Northwest Smith stories. They were a huge influence on Brackett.


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