Bruce McAllister

Feb 7, 21:27 by IROSF
A thread to Bruce... or Michael Lohr's interview.

The article can be found here.
Feb 8, 06:57 by Sara Amis
I was warned by a helpful Ph.D. student not to put an excerpt of my fantasy novel in my MFA application portfolio. I listened to her, and so far I've got one acceptance and no rejections...But the acceptance was from some folks who'd already seen my fantasy writing, because I was taking post-bac undergrad classes from them.

I already know that one of the fiction faculty at the program I'm most likely to go to is totally supportive of fantasy writing, and the other one is willing to tolerate it :) The latter one had us reading an essay by Margaret Atwood in her class, so I can probably sneak any amount of fantasy writing by her as long as I don't rub her nose in it or employ genre cliches...which I want to avoid anyway.

I also think that how supportive a given program is about writing in general can vary widely. Some are very cut-throat and people rip each other's writing no matter what the genre; others are very warm and fuzzy.
And in general, I think it's a different reality out there than in 1969, both in terms of who is teaching and in terms of who your fellow students are, and since there's a lot of workshopping your fellow students and their attitudes make a lot of difference.

Obviously, I'm very pro-MFA or I wouldn't be going to a program. I think that it might not be the best environment for someone who's style is very narrow and who likes lots of SF&F tropes in their stories. But I write all over the place...poetry, creative non-fiction, quasi-fairy-tales, fantasy, SF, literary fiction with our without magical realism overtones (one of my recommenders wrote in his letter that I had a "fascination with the uncanny" whether I was writing fantasy or straight literary fiction)...and I'm not worried about my Muse being squelched. I'll let y'all know if I still feel that way a couple years from now :)
Feb 20, 09:09 by Adrian Simmons
That was an extensive interview. Wow.
Oct 17, 13:45 by
Yes i agree with you 100%

I recommend link

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