February 2007

Feb 7, 21:27 by IROSF
How's this issue?

The editorial can be found here.
Feb 8, 23:52 by J Andrews
I actually had plans to submit a con report. But you know what they say about plans. Something about mice ganging up in the back of the boat.

I took copious notes at the con, but never wrote them up as a report.

I love reading con reports. Though it's also sad to read about one I wanted to attend but couldn't.
Feb 11, 21:36 by Joe Prisco
Never having been to a con, I'd be interested to hear what someone enjoyed or disliked.
Feb 12, 22:54 by Jerry Wright
I'm going to RadCon this weekend. Perhaps I'll take my camera...

Of course, I'll write up a report for Bewildering Stories, but hey... I can write one up for you. Always more material than one can handle.

Feb 13, 20:06 by Bluejack
Make sure to stop by the small press party and meet Marti and myself!
Feb 23, 09:31 by John Popham
As I read Guidelines, reviews should be fairly deep (as with the Gattica retrospective) and not a book or movie review in the traditional news media sense. Is that a correct reading?

Also, how far afield dare writers move from Science Fiction into adjacent genres like fantasy? I note Lois covers short stories printed in the magazines she reviews, but I don't know if that's acceptable for IROSF in a stand-alone work review.
Mar 6, 10:00 by twosheds
Oo! I'm going to Nasfic this year. Maybe I could review that.
Mar 28, 13:20 by Anne Murphy
I could possibly get you a con report of <a href="http://www.penguicon.org">Penguicon</a>. While there I might also do an interview with a small press publisher.

I will admit to have been a little intimidated by the review guidelines' tone of "we don't want reviews like anyone else's reviews!"
Feb 18, 20:39 by D. Nicklin-Dunbar
Great to see IROSF is back and rolling! Looking forward to renewing my subscription when your subscription renewal page is up!

Feb 19, 03:34 by Yoon Lee
pophamj, Blunt has final say on this, of course, but it has always been my understanding that anything you'd call "speculative fiction" (slipstream, fantasy, sf, etc.) would be fine for a review topic. For instance, we have a review of George R.R. Martin's A Feast for Crows in the archives, and that's pretty definitely fantasy.

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