New SF Novel: Dr. Identity

Feb 17, 17:17 by D. Harlan Wilson
For all interested book reviewers, following is the basic publishing information for my recently released pulp science fiction novel.

TITLE: Dr. Identity, or, Farewell to Plaquedemia
AUTHOR: D. Harlan Wilson (
PUBLISHER: Raw Dog Screaming Press (
PAGES: 208
ISBN (HARDCOVER): 978-1-933293-23-3
ISBN (PAPERBACK): 978-1-933293-32-5

BOOK DESCRIPTION: Raw Dog Screaming Press is proud to announce the release of D. Harlan Wilson’s first novel, Dr. Identity, or, Farewell to Plaquedemia. Extending the themes developed in his short story collections, Wilson once again straps on a state-of-the-art jetpack to propel us into the realm of the irreal, where absurdity reigns supreme and readers are subjected to a pop culture apocalypse. In this gritty technoir, capitalist technologies have spiraled out of control, inducing willful idiocy and media worship in the “Amerikan” people, who worry more about fashion statements than the prospect of death. Dynamically written and brazenly psychotic, Dr. Identity shows us the flip side of the human condition—which, in the end, emerges as an unmistakable representation of our own fleeting reality.

ACCLAIM: "Let’s dispense with the usual predictable analogies (“Kafka/Cronenberg-on-laughing gas”), redundancies (“Phillip K. Dick/William Gibson-on-acid”), or accurate-but-somewhat-obscure references (“the most intense and, in a certain sense, the most significant young prose writer since Mark Leyner and Ben Marcus ... establishes Wilson as the Steve Katz of the post everything generation ... vies with Derek Pell’s The Little Red Book of Adobe Live Motion for being the funniest book of the new millennium”), and cut to the chase: D Harlan Wilson¹s hilarious meta-pulp SF novel, Dr. Identity, is a funhouse mirror whose cartoonish distortions continually amaze and amuse—until one realizes that what we’re seeing is a disturbingly accurate vision of ourselves. An instant avant-pop classic by a major new talent. Two surgically enhanced, stainless-steel thumbs way, way up!” LARRY MCCAFFERY, author of Storming the Reality Studio and After Yesterday’s Crash

"A blur-fast caper through a mediated nightmare future which will thankfully be prevented by a series of massive and man-made disasters." STEVE AYLETT, author of Slaughtermatic and LINT

AUTHOR BIO: D. Harlan Wilson is the author of several books of fiction, including The Kafka Effekt, Stranger on the Loose and Pseudo-City. His stories, essays and reviews have appeared in pop and scholarly publications throughout the world in several languages. Residing in Ohio with his wife Xtine and daughter Madeleine, he is an assistant professor of English at Wright State University-Lake Campus. For more information on Wilson and his work, visit his official website at
Mar 3, 19:59 by mos
Here seems another very interesting work of fiction. Ever since I fell in love with science fiction, I really feel relieved, but at the same time fascinated how the world would be in the next 50 year. I would love to read your book. Let us connect at books

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