Captain Video

Mar 12, 19:54 by IROSF
A thread to discuss Steven Utley's essay on TV's first SF hero.

The article can be found here.
Mar 13, 06:00 by Michael Bishop
I'm three years older than Steven, but have no authentic era-specific memories of the program or the character called Captain Video, and I can't recall poor Hodge's face. I'm grateful to Steven for summoning up both the program and the man, and the melancholy fate of the actor who briefly owed his livelihood to the character but too soon his obsolescence as a performer. I might add here that Steven's story collections The Beasts of Love and Where or When have long since appeared from Wheatland Press and PS Publishing, respectively, and that more collected Utleyarns are likely on their way, including a couple of editing projects. Anyway, it's good to see a little of the early history of televised sf preserved in such a mordantly concise piece here at The Internet Review of Science Fiction.
Mar 14, 16:25 by Jessica Reisman
Another thoroughly enjoyable Utley essay. Thanks, IROSF!
Mar 19, 14:13 by Joe Prisco
Agreed; thank you and well done!
Mar 22, 09:39 by Scott Lawson
And yet again....

Thanks for the informative essay and the good writing.
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