Boskone 44

Mar 12, 19:55 by IROSF
A thread to discuss Boskone 44, and K. A. Laity's report therefrom.

The article can be found here.
Mar 12, 21:13 by John Scalzi
"Im sure hes made a big media splash strictly on his own merits, just like Tori Spelling."

As it happens, Joe Hill's fiction won a number of awards prior to it being common knowledge he was King's son, and when his novel "Heart Shaped Box" was optioned for film, the producers optioning the work were not aware of his lineage. I realize it's fun to be snarky and all, but you should at least entertain the notion that some small measure of Joe Hill's notoriety comes from the fact that he is an excellent writer.
Mar 13, 02:57 by John Langan
Hi Kate,

You're absolutely right, we did fail to mention any women on the horror in the first half of the twentieth century panel. Mea culpa! Any recommendations?


Mar 13, 05:53 by Kate Laity
Off the top of my head -- Sarah Orne Jewett, Edith Wharton, Vernon Lee, Shirley Jackson, Violet Hunt, Helen Hull...

Check out Jessica Salmonson's collection What did Miss Darrington See? for a lot more.

Enjoy --

Mar 13, 05:57 by Kate Laity
I read the chapters that were available on line for "Heart Shaped Box" and found them mundane, unimaginative and stuck in macho-overdrive (all that yack about how the main character hated men who weren't alphas). Yawn.

Film optioning is not a particularly good indication of quality and never has been. It is a good indication of money. If we're going to judge quality by sales, Nora Roberts should get a Nobel Prize for Literature.
Mar 13, 07:52 by Niall Harrison
Film optioning is not a particularly good indication of quality and never has been.

On the other hand, having a debut collection (20th Century Ghosts) nominated for a World Fantasy Award, and winning a WFA for a novella ("Voluntary Committal") ain't nothing.
Mar 13, 08:28 by Lois Tilton
I've always thought King did his best work at the novella length. Could be true for Hill, as well?
Mar 13, 16:34 by Niall Harrison
Ironically, I personally don't think "Voluntary Committal" is all that -- I prefer "Best New Horror", "20th Century Ghost" and (particularly), "Pop Art". Heart-Shaped Box is getting pretty favourable reviews coverage, though, so I'm not willing to write it off yet (I have a hard time imagining anything Hill writes as "stuck in macho-overdrive").
Mar 15, 04:34 by Ryan Freebern
Just offering a couple of spelling corrections: Tobias Buckell, and Sarah Beth Durst.
Mar 16, 07:38 by John Langan
Hi Kate,

Thanks for the rec's: I'm particularly excited to learn of Lee, Hunt, and Hull. I appreciate the mention of Jackson, but deliberately didn't mention her because her most imnportant novels (Hill House and Castle) were published outside our panel's remit.


Mar 18, 20:45 by Matt Leavitt
Thanks, Ryan. The names have been corrected.
Mar 19, 07:57 by Kate Laity

Glad to hear it -- I had thought the panel covered the first half of the 20C, but I double-checked and saw that it was only through WWII.

Although, I always feel any chance to mention the amazing Shirley Jackson should be grabbed, so I'm glad to have done so, although I was erroneous in mentioning her as an omission on your behalf.

And another plug for Salmonson's collection would not be remiss.



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