Interview with Elizabeth Bear

Mar 12, 19:56 by IROSF
A thread to discuss Elizabeth Bear, her work, or Lyda's interview.

The article can be found here.
Mar 13, 09:19 by Jason Ridler
I'm confused about this novel's set up the way it is described in the interview. Bear says she wipes out all the white people so that race is not an issue in her world.

If you kill off any race as part of the world of your story, how can it not be an issue? I have not read the work in question, but Bear's statement seems very strange to me. Get rid of the white people and race is no longer a concern. I may be over simplifying things, so if someone has read the work, could you help clarify this point?
Mar 13, 10:25 by Joe Tokamak
I expect she meant that the history of European v. The World in skin color / "racial" terms is not an issue for the characters in the story. When characters of different cultures clash, it's not about skin color in particular or that history of culture clash in general -- it's about the specific cultural differences that Bear wants to focus on.

Mainly a number of different issues pertaining to gender roles and sexual preference, and also vegetarianism, in my reading.

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