Remembering Robert Anton Wilson

Mar 12, 19:57 by IROSF
A thread to discuss Robert Anton Wilson or Ursula's remembrance.

The article can be found here.
Mar 12, 21:11 by Jed Hartman
Thanks for this, Ursula.

His death was mentioned in various parts of the blogosphere (like my journal), but yeah, he hasn't been as well-known lately as would have been nice.

Mar 12, 22:04 by Ryan Oakley
Thanks. I miss RAW too.
Mar 13, 01:51 by Nick C
There is a full page tribute to RAW in the current (April 2007) issue of Fortean Times (which any self-respecting Spec Fic aficiando should subscribe to!), as well as a reprint of RAW's 1977 article for the magazine on the Number 23.

From the tribute: RAW claimed encounters with magical "entities" while using peyote and mescaline; asked whether these entities were "real", he said they were "real enough" - although "not as real as the IRS" since they were "easier to get rid of". Marvellous stuff.
Mar 13, 11:28 by Matt Leavitt
Fixed a small html error where the "!" wasn't inside the <cite> correctly in "Illuminatus!".

Mar 19, 08:06 by Kate Laity
His death was mourned widely among pagans the world over, many of whom have embraced him warmly in thought if not in deed. But I must admit with shame having Trigger behind me on a shelf as I write this. I am turning around and getting it off the shelf before I type another word.

Mar 20, 11:57 by Ursula Pflug
Comments! How exciting. Thanks, all! I look forward to reading the Fortean Times piece, which, of course, was not published as I was writing.

I read your blog, Jed. You're right about the feminism. But not everyone can "get" everything, or we'd all be enlightened. I thought RAW worth celebrating in spite of that, and, obviously, you did too!

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