March, 2007

Mar 12, 19:58 by IROSF
A thread to discuss the March 2007 issue, or Bluejack's editorial, which can be found here.
Mar 13, 06:38 by Dave Truesdale
Nice editorial, Bluejack. As a confirmed (armchair only) enthusiast of physics and cosmology, I always enjoy reading of, and about, them. The science fiction writer or reader need not be concerned with the mathematical heiroglyphics involved in any cutting-edge theory to readily appreciate the concept.

I thoroughly enjoyed (some few years back) my membership in the Astronomy Book Club. If more SF enthusiasts who feel intimidated by SF that includes the hard disciplines of astronomy, physics, and the like, were to dip their intellectual toes into some of these easily read and understood tomes (many of which are beautiful coffee table books), their enjoyment of so-called hard SF would increase immeasurably. Hard SF really isn't that hard to decipher, actually, because far more often than not the authors only deal with the theories and concepts anyway, and not the math (which few of them understand themselves). :-)

Mar 14, 13:13 by Michael Bishop
Greg Benford is one who actually understands the math. I'm not. Jeri keeps our checkbook; and when I do taxes, as I'm trying to do now, the time drags more slowly than a heifer-stuffed python.
Mar 29, 18:16 by robert eggleton
Math is an inadequate means of communicating sentient emotion, but the best available given the current greater inadequacy of words.
Mar 29, 21:57 by Bluejack
That could make for a good quote, but I'm not sure I buy it! "Sentient emotion" (emotions of sentient creatures?) is not necessarily the forte of science fiction, but a great story masterfully told in natural language is still several orders of magnitude more effective than any artificial language such as a mathematics or symbolic logic.
Feb 14, 11:11 by
If you don't know enough math to justify your "theories" and make predictions from it, then you know nothing of importance of the current theories. Much less anything that you "feel" or "guess" as an essay writer is the "TRUTH".
Feb 14, 15:37 by
Topic is still actuall i think . where we can discuss? promreport romana link)

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