March-April Short Fiction

May 14, 21:42 by IROSF
A thread to discuss short fiction & Lois' reviews.

The article can be found here.
May 15, 10:19 by twosheds
Oh no! No Realms of Fantasy again? Did you not get the issue? That's one of my favorites (even though I trash it once in a while)
May 15, 14:21 by Lois Tilton
No, I never get an issue from them, and its appearance at my bookstore is sporadic and unreliable.
May 15, 15:46 by Bluejack
I have submitted requests for review copies to the various addresses available, but have heard no reply.

May 15, 15:51 by John Kratman
Ms. Tilton,

Thanks for reading and reviewing my story.

John Kratman
May 15, 17:22 by Lois Tilton
Hey, it wasn't silly!
May 15, 17:26 by John Kratman
Thanks. That's better than I got from _Tangent_. I'll take it.
May 15, 17:30 by John Kratman
Come to think of it, would you mind if I quoted you on my website?

"'It wasn't silly!'-- Lois Tilton, _IROSF_"

May 15, 19:02 by Lois Tilton
Blurb away!

Quotes taken from reviews are always fair use.
May 16, 09:38 by John Kratman
Ah, I didn't know that. Thanks.
May 17, 13:32 by Douglas Cohen
Ms. Tilton, I'll see what I can do about us getting issues to you. Twosheds, don't ever trash RoF! :)
May 17, 14:08 by Douglas Cohen
Ms. Tilton & Bluejack, I just heard back from the publisher at RoF. He's asked that IROSF be put back on the comp list. Here's hoping you enjoy the next issue!


Douglas Cohen
Assistant Editor
May 17, 15:40 by Bluejack
Great! That's awesome; thanks!

May 17, 16:11 by Douglas Cohen
My pleasure. :)
May 17, 16:54 by Lois Tilton
Thanks. I was always happy to review RoF when I could get it.
May 17, 17:26 by Douglas Cohen
Always happy to see it reviewed. ;)
May 22, 04:26 by Sara Genge
Ms Tilton,
Thanks for your review of "Pretty Little Thing"

Sara Genge
May 22, 09:17 by Lois Tilton
As I said in the review, I think this is the best issue of Helix so far.

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