Danger, Norm Partridge!

May 14, 22:09 by IROSF
A thread to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of writing workshops and critique groups.

Jason Ridler's article can be found here.
May 15, 17:03 by John Kratman
I did not read Partridge's essays, but I found your arguments fascinating. In fact, its made me resolve to look up a fellow writer I haven't seen in quite some time to talk some shop.

A very interesting article. Well done.
May 15, 19:27 by Jason Ridler
Cheers, John. Thanks for reading it.
May 16, 06:43 by Michael Kelly
Excellent article, Mr. Ridler! Thank you for invoking the name of Charles Beaumont. He, along with Partridge, are true masters.

Here's hoping you sell that Odyssey story soon. ;-)
May 16, 09:36 by Jason Ridler
Ha! Thanks, Mr. Kelly. The story is at Ellery Queen as we speak. Fingers crossed and never say die! Always happy to pimp Beaumont!

May 16, 12:17 by Abby Goldsmith
I also attended Odyssey, and it helped me immensely. I'd say my writing and (just as important) my confidence in my writing have improved 200% since Odyssey.

I've always advocated the value of feedback. If you want to write just for yourself, then feedback may be a waste of your time. But if you're aiming to sell your work to mass audiences, then you must seek feedback. It's a requirement. You need to test the waters of audience reaction, because they're usually deeper, or colder, or warmer, than you expected. Once you get a few good reactions, your writing will respond and grow in the right directions. And seeking feedback just makes good sense if you plan to put your work in public places where critics will talk about it. Those book critics and Amazon readers will give you feedback whether you want it or not ... so why not get used to it first?


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