The Ones to Watch

May 14, 22:15 by IROSF
Who are some others to watch? What do you think of this interview concept? How hard is it to break into print these days?

Dotar's interview can be found here.
May 15, 05:48 by Jim Van Pelt
Great article. I knew Lou before this, but the other names are ones I'll watch for. I hope rising stars will be a regular part of IROSF.
May 15, 08:44 by Dotar Sojat
Double bonus points! Jennifer Pelland's MERCYTANKS is reviewed in IROSF's short fiction reviews this month, too.

May 16, 19:10 by George Oliver
I loved this article. Nice work, Dotar.
May 19, 09:32 by Dotar Sojat
Thanks, George. I do what I can.
Apr 6, 19:54 by Janine Stinson
I do recall reading this article when it first appeared, but, having recently read all of Jennifer Pelland's stories published by Helix SF, I read through the piece again. It's well written, and an interesting idea. I fear my comment on its structure will be taken as a slight, and I certainly don't intend it to be perceived as such. It's strictly my opinion. (grin)

The article structure of multiple interviewees is appealing, but I found the number of interviewees combined with the number of questions asked to be a stumbling block. I read the questions and Pelland's replies straight through, as though it was a single-interviewee piece. Not stretching out of my comfort zone by doing so, I admit, but it "felt" better to read it that way. It's possible that, if the number of interviewees were reduced to three, and the questions kept to four or so, the problem I had of being drawn too far from the familiar would be lessened.

Again, it's just my opinion. Suitable for training fish or wrapping puppies. I look forward to the next installment.

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