Robert Silverberg and Galaxy Magazine

Feb 19, 04:18 by IROSF
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Feb 19, 12:43 by N. K. Jemisin
Interesting -- thanks for mentioning some stories of Silverberg's that I hadn't yet read. One thing, though -- in this retrospective, I found it interesting how <em>noticeable</em> it is that Silverberg's sexism and heterosexism has informed so much of his early work. AFAICT, this is around the time that he made his infamous comment that James Tiptree (really Alice Sheldon) could not possibly be a woman. I'm surprised that this essay hasn't made note of that aspect of his early career. It's possible to praise yet still examine critically and thoroughly, isn't it?
Feb 20, 05:43 by Bob Blough
I was really glad to read this essay. Robert Silverber of this period is my favorite SF writer ever. From 1967-1976 he was the best. Since that time his short fiction has remained illuminative and dazzling in technique while his novels have devolved (at least compared to the peak of writing in he 60's and 70's)into pleasant, if not very memorable, reads. This just skirted the depths of this remarkable writer. I would love to see a more in-depth work from you. An in depth work would include "nojojojo"'s criticism which is worthy of an essay all by itself.
Feb 20, 12:37 by Daniel M. Kimmel
Excellent, thoughtful essay that reminded me how much I liked reading Silverberg when I got into SF. It also reminded me how much of his stuff I *haven't* read. I'll have to pick up some of his books at my next con. :)
Feb 20, 20:48 by Robert Bee
Thanks for responding to the essay everyone. In response to nojojojo, I do feel that my essay was "critical," I just discussed a different set of critical issues than nojojojo brings up. My essay focused on the trajectory of Silverberg's career, significant themes, and concepts. I did criticize many of his aesthetic limitations such as a tendency to write too fast and an overly pedestrian style in his early work. I did mention Silverberg's preference (bias) for "heterosexual monogamous relationships", but it was not the foucs of the essay. bobblough is correct that nojojojo's concerns could make a different essay, just not the one I chose to write.
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