Chicks Rule

Mar 19, 03:09 by IROSF
Comments on the reviews, the books, or the concept of the compound review -- all welcome.

The article can be found here.
Mar 19, 18:50 by Nancy Beck
Just wanted to thank you for an interesting article and for the list of books. The one that most intrigued me was Wind Follower; I now have it on my Amazon Wishlist. :-)

Mar 20, 02:18 by Mary Kay Kare
Heh -- I've just added several of those to my own wish list at Powells. My husband and I have both read several of the Rachel Caine books with great enjoyment. They aren't fine literature but they're a fun adventure and good story. I grew in the same area as Caine (I know her slightly) and I loved seeing the weather made into a malevolent force!

I've read the Briggs books as well and am most of the way through the 3rd, Iron Kissed. I'm annoyed beyond telling by the blatant Christianity that pops up -- I take leave to doubt a half Native American walker seems an unlikely Christian -- but I keep reading them. I've read most of her books -- Briggs is a good story teller.

I read C.E. Murphy's earlier series (are we sensing a trend here? Yep, I really enjoy this subgenre), enjoyed them, and recommend them.

Has this site reviewed Paula Guran's Best of books? I really liked the first one and have acquired but not yet read the 2nd.


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