March 2008

Mar 19, 03:15 by IROSF
Have any feedback on this month's issue?

This month's editorial, by the way, is here.
Mar 19, 05:05 by Bluejack
Thanks to John Pitts for finding a silly html bug in the archives section that didn't show up on my test browsers... but may have looked mightly ugly to some of you out there. Should be fixed now.
Mar 20, 07:56 by JM Cornwell
When I heard the news about Sir Arthur C. Clarke's death today I was immediately transported back to the first letter I received from him. I was working on my first assigned article with an alternative newspaper and was given Sir Arthur's address. We had a common goal at the time: keeping Ohio State University's Big Ear, their radiotelescope array associated with the SETI project up and running. I was thrilled to correspond with Sir Arthur and kept the excited screaming fan within in check and remained professional. He contributed a great deal of experience and knowledge to the article I eventually wrote and I broke the story that the sale of the Big Ear was a hoax that had been perpetuated by the mainstream newspapers and several administrations at Ohio State University. Sir Arthur congratulated me and we continued to write. He even invited me to drop by if I was even in Sri Lanka in his neck of the woods.

I'll always remember his generous praise of my first front page article and his tips on future articles (he kept up with my career) as well as his friendship, but more than all that, I am indebted to Sir Arthur for showing me a universe of possibilities through his own stories. I will miss him.
Mar 20, 15:32 by D. Nicklin-Dunbar
While Clarke is not an author I particularly enjoy, the S/F world, and the world at large, has lost a first rate thinker. Clarke was visionary. More than his peers, Clarke saw clearly the future of technology, its capabilities and its conseqences. As everyone knows, several of his predictions have become reality, and several more may just possibly be within the grasp of our new engineering. Clarke has done much to popularize and progress mankind's space endevours. It is a great pity that we have failed the promise that Clarke saw in our potential. Perhaps if we had listened more to men like Clarke instead of politicians and generals he may have seen his dream of space habitats and colonies on Mars.

For thoses who knew him, his warmth, his humor and his intelligence will be sorely missed. For those who did not, there remains a remarkable body of work both fiction and non-fiction that will surely inspire.

requiescat in pace
Mar 20, 17:53 by Bluejack
By the way; in my editorial I ahd mentioned we were going to have something new up *really* soon... sadly it's looking more like *sorta* soon -- because of NorWesCon, that probably means next week.

However, if you're *going* to NorWesCon, track me down and say Hi! I'll be glad to fill you in on what's coming!
Apr 6, 22:16 by Bluejack
Well sorta soon wasn't something you should have been holding your breath for, obviously... but it's out. We now have a "news" section.

Next up is getting the Recently Received feature up and running;

We should also have a new issue coming within the next 10 days or so;

But we still need material -- essays; reviews; con reports!

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