"Chicks Rule" article/list

Mar 20, 17:32 by SheLa Evra Nefertiti Morrison
Hi - I looked at this eagerly, then screeched to a stop - where are THREE OF SF/FANTASY's
BIGGEST FEMALE STARS? Namely, NALO HOPKINSON, TANNARIVE DUE, and the Drandmother of the MotherShip - (may she space travel in peace, ever after) - OCTAVIA BUTLER???????
I just don't get it? Those 3 ARE female SciFi to me, along with URSULA K. LeGUIN (not here either, why?!) As URSULA is THE GREAT-GRANDMOTHER of The MotherShip...and before her,
(all hail!) THE GREAT-GREAT GRANDMOTHER....Mary Shelly!! (Also not mentioned here...)
What gives?!
Mar 20, 17:49 by Bluejack
I don't believe Ms. Ward was attempting to put together a bibliography for this concept, but rather she was reviewing some recently published materials fitting the description.

We call that kind of bibliography a "sub-genre spotlight" and Ms. Ward has done an article on "Feminist SF" (which is a little different than "Chicks Rule") which is available here: here.

I'm sorry if you misunderstood the intent of the current review column, and hope we'll be clearer about what is a review and what is a required reading list in the future.

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