Our Pulp Heritage

Apr 18, 04:37 by IROSF
Make your point about pulp, or Robert's essay!

The article can be found here.
Apr 22, 19:32 by George Kelley
More about pulp fiction and great SF magazine covers can be found at the Kelley Collection web site at: http://libweb.lib.buffalo.edu/kelley/
More covers are planned to be digitized in the months ahead.


George Kelley
Apr 25, 17:18 by Scott Lawson
Wow, thanks for such a carefully researched essay. I was forced to skim much of it, but I hope to give it a more careful reading in the future.
Apr 30, 20:28 by D. Nicklin-Dunbar
Sorry to post so late, but work has, as they say, been hell. Recently a large donation of pulp era and modern science fiction was bequeathed to the University of Alberta. The collection is not yet avaliable in the stacks, since it is still being catalogued, but it will prove to be one of the largest collections of its kind. I tried to find more from the University itself, but my time constraints have not permitted it. The following link is a news story about the bequest itself. If anyone is interested in more information, post here and I will see what I can find out for you.

The Chester Cuthbert Collection
Apr 30, 21:09 by Bluejack
Awesome link! Thanks, errant!
May 1, 18:09 by D. Nicklin-Dunbar
My pleasure. This is my alma mater, so I am very interested in this new collection. I am even trying to pull some old strings in the humanities library (worked there as an undergrad) to get in on cataloguing the collection.

Anyway, I will try to provide updates on what is happening with the Cuthbert Collection as I find out.
Apr 29, 14:03 by Karl Bunker
Thanks for an excellent article! The history of SF is an interest of mine, and this article was nice addition to the reading I've done, as well as pointing me to some books I hadn't heard of before.

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