Irony in Science Fiction

Apr 18, 04:39 by IROSF
A caustic wit is a terrible thing to waste. Exercise yours here!

The article can be found here.
May 1, 19:45 by Ann Wilkes
Excellent article. I had never heard of this movie or story until yesterday, when someone mentioned it at a bbq. Now I MUST see it. I like the quote at the end. Any idea who said it? I had a discussion going over on Chronicles Network about what would be the best comeback to people who say (here, I shudder): "I used to read SF." or "Yeah. I read a lot of that (sf) as a kid."

I think I'm leaning toward: Why not brave it as an adult? It's grown up while you weren't looking.

Always looking for more suggestions...
May 5, 09:29 by Daniel M. Kimmel

As for the quote, a little Googling found that it's a well known (in fandom, anyway) variation of a Lily Tomlin quip, "Reality is a crutch for people who can't handle drugs."

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