Spider Robinson

Apr 18, 04:40 by IROSF
Please post your own stories of Spider, or your feedback on Michael Lohr's interview.

The conversation can be found here.
Apr 20, 18:53 by M S
Great interview.

The Crazy Years is well worth reading. But one small correction: The interviewer called the newspaper "the Toronto Globe and Mail." In fact, the Globe and Mail is Canada's national newspaper. (Yes, there is that National Post, but does it really have the status of the G&M?). There is a Toronto Edition of the Globe and Mail, but are you saying that it was only in the TO ed? Because Spider's wonderful writings were regularly carried nationally.

In any case, it is always a wonderful experience to read an interview of such an interesting subject by such a skilled and well-informed interviewer. I'm off to read more of Lohr's interviews . . .

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