Short Fiction Reviews

Jun 3, 03:49 by IROSF
Any favorite stories from this batch of publications? Gripes? Anything we're missing?

The article can be found here.
Jun 3, 05:49 by Jim Van Pelt
Hi, Lois. Thanks for the kind words about "Rock House."
Jun 6, 06:04 by Richard Bowes
Your review of "The Cinnamon Cavalier" is perfect.

Jun 6, 21:48 by Lois Tilton
Wow - they like the reviews!

Jun 7, 15:25 by Marguerite Reed
Lois, you're a good reviewer.

--Marguerite Reed
Jun 7, 19:06 by Lois Tilton
Thanks, Marguerite!
Jun 16, 17:11 by David Bartell
Agreed. Lois is one of the few reviewers who is a sort of a personal "hurdle" of mine, as a writer.
Jun 19, 22:28 by Juliette Wade
Lois, I always use your reviews as a guideline for what I should be taking my time to read from the magazines I subscribe to. Thus my nervousness when I know I'm upcoming on your list! :-)
Jun 20, 04:06 by Lois Tilton
I know that not everyone agrees with me about the stories, but then, they may be wrong!
Jun 20, 05:45 by Bluejack
There is never an absolute metric when it comes to personal taste, and the notion of any kind of abstractly objective criticism is itself a rather amusing story. I'm happy to see so much positive feedback for Lois. I think Lois is very up-front about what kind of things work for her and what don't, so even readers who disagree with her opinions can get a sense of where they themselves might stand based on her review -- and that's the important thing.

I don't always agree with her. (Hell, I don't always agree with myself.)

The other thing one wants in a reviewer is to compare notes on what the reader has already read. It's fun to share disagreements, or differing insights. A reviewer who actually *has* insights that might surprise or inform a reader is rare, and it's particularly hard when trying to read an enormous amount of material, often sent at the last possible minute by a distracted publisher...

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