The Last Colony by John Scalzi

Jun 3, 03:51 by IROSF

Have you read Scalzi's books? Do you plan to? How about this review?

The article can be found here.
Jun 3, 09:41 by Daniel M. Kimmel
I, too, discovered John Scalzi's books this year, but I read them in order, and many of the things you're arguing that "The Last Colony" lacked have already been covered in "Old Man's War" and "The Ghost Brigades." There are "big ideas" to spare in the first two books that are now part of the background here. Jane is introduced late in the first book, but the second one is *all* about her.

In his afterword Scalzi makes it clear this was intended as a trilogy. In many ways it's Act III, with certain things from the earlier books paying off here. I recommend all three books, and have put Scalzi on my "must read" list. YMMV, but I suspect you'll want to revise your review after reading the first two books.

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