Linguistic Science Fiction

Jun 3, 03:53 by IROSF
Does linguistics make good fodder for Science Fiction? Any response to Bee's treatment of Vance or Delaney's books?

The article can be found here.
Jun 3, 05:58 by Yoon Lee
I was actually mildly surprised that some Linguistics 101 infelicities in Babel-17 were not mentioned; I don't have a copy of the book ready to hand, but I believe there's a bit where Delany confuses phonetic categories (e.g. bilabial vs. labiodental vs. alveolar or whatever). Walter Meyer has a fairly scathing critique of the Delany in his Aliens and Linguists, although it's sadly out of print.
Jun 3, 13:24 by Paul Jessup
If you guys like this sort of thing, you should check out a book I've got coming out next year called Open Your Eyes.
Jun 3, 19:27 by Gaile Pohlhaus, Sr.
Suzanne Hadin Elgin's [l]Native Tongue[l] and other sf books are wonderful sf linguistic reading.
Jun 4, 00:45 by Juliette Wade
Sheila Finch's The Guild of Xenolinguists is some great linguistics-based SF. I love this sort of thing - and write it myself (Let the Word Take Me now out in Analog). I don't mind a few errors in the details of terminology so long as the spirit is there. Language is one of the things that SF tends to work around instead of working through, so it's cool to learn about authors like Delany and Vance who really take it on and use it.
Jun 5, 04:09 by Ted Kosmatka
I agree, Juliette. And Delany is my all-time favorite author.

This is my first post, by the way. *Looks around* Nice place you've all got here. :)
Jun 5, 16:08 by Bluejack
Thanks, T! We try!

And thanks to everyone for recommending some more linguistics-centric Sci Fi. It's one of my favorite conversations at cons, and on bulletin boards. "Oh, you like that? You should read..."

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