Watching Me, Watching You

Jun 3, 03:57 by IROSF
Thoughts on Dan Kimmel's latest essay?

His article can be found here.
Nov 26, 21:58 by Daniel M. Kimmel
I have to put a P.S. to my essay. Did anyone catch the news story about the "Truman Show syndrome?"

See Truman Show Syndrome
Nov 27, 01:20 by Marti McKenna
Got a 404 on that link, Daniel. :/
Nov 27, 14:21 by Daniel M. Kimmel
Let's try this one. Maybe I don't know how to format it.

Here's the bare link to cut and paste:

Now I'll try it following the instructions:

Truman Show Syndrome

It worked when I tried it!
Nov 27, 19:41 by Marti McKenna
It worked that time. :)

Wow, this is good stuff. You know, I do get that "Candid Camera" feeling now and then...

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