Japanese SF

Jul 1, 03:34 by IROSF
What are your thoughts on SF in Japan?

The article can be found here.
Jul 2, 02:49 by Geb Brown
Great article, it's really nice to see a wider swath of Japanese Scifi than just Godzilla and Manga/Anime. I love the thought that they're the first post-apocalyptic culture, lends a new perspective to some of the Anime i'd dismissed in the past. Only bone I have to pick is that I wouldn't say that the Dragonball series is driven towards kids. The Western adaptations of it absolutely are but the original from what I remember was actually quite a bit more bloody than what we got on US-TV.
Jul 2, 16:20 by D. Nicklin-Dunbar
Great article. The list of manga/anime/TV at the end of the article is a very good roll call of some of the best Japan has to offer. If you are interested in experiencing some Anime (film or television), this list is where you should start. All of my favorites are on it (which is rather surprising, actually), and it is obvious to me that Mr. Doyle has put together a superb list of excellent Japanese S/F and Fantasy.

As an aside, i would like to say that Ghost in the Shell, in particular The Stand Alone Complex television series based on the film (which itself is based on the original manga), is some of the best Science Fiction I have ever read or seen. It is up there with Babylon 5, Farscape and Dune. If you haven't seen Ghost in the Shell you are missing out on timely, relevent and intelligent S/F.
Jul 13, 14:21 by Janine Stinson
Thanks for a very informative, thorough overview of Japanese SF. It's not my cup of tea, but the article appears quite comprehensive, providing a good source for those interested in exploring the subject.
Jul 15, 14:06 by Nader Elhefnawy
Agreed-a nice round-up of several streams of Japanese SF which happily did not overlook anime and manga. I, for one, would appreciate an expansion on any of its subjects.

Incidentally, its coverage of Japanese television is a good reminder of why my June article was very clear about acknowledging the limits of its subject (e.g. North American SF); thanks to anime (which I have long been a fan of), Japanese SFTV is second to none, and any broad treatment of SFTV should acknowledge the fact. (Its influence on US SFTV is certainly underrated. Just look at Joss Whedon's stuff. Buffy often felt to me like an inferior variant on anime's high school-aged action heroes, while the Firefly pilot shamelessly ripped off Outlaw Star.)
Nov 13, 22:06 by lionelandme@aol.com
As a writer, is there anyone in Japan that accepts foreign submissions for their sci-fi magazines?

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