SF Rock

Jul 1, 03:35 by IROSF
Do you have something to say about Bowie, Numan, or SF rock in general?

The article can be found here.
Jul 10, 19:41 by Janine Stinson
Interesting piece. Does the writer have any plans to continue on the subject of SF rock for IROSF?
Jul 11, 01:24 by Michael Andre-Driussi
Thank you for posting, J. G. Stinson!

I don't have any plans to continue on the subject of SF rock. The title might make it seem like one in a series, but I really just wanted to establish from the get-go that the essay was only about a ten year span of time and only the two artists.
Jul 12, 18:11 by Marti McKenna
I think it would be great to cover bands like Led Zeppelin and Iron Maiden (I think?) who wrote about Tolkien's work. Maybe someone else wants to tackle that...
Jul 13, 13:51 by Janine Stinson
Actually, I'd had the idea some years ago to try selling a longer work on sf in rock music, but hadn't gotten around to pitching the idea to any publishers (and didn't have much besides notes anyway). Thanks to Michael Andre-Driussi and Marti McKenna for replies to my comment. That's motivation enough for me to begin working on an article in this area.
Jul 16, 20:02 by Nader Elhefnawy
Also worth noting--for whoever is interested in writing more about this area--are some interesting connections between SF rock and SF other mediums in that era, among other things the song writing careers of noted SF writers John Shirley and Michael Moorcock for Blue Oyster Cult and other groups, the inspiration Moorcock's character Elric the Eternal Champion provided to a lot of bands (incidentally, my review of a reissue of the Elric stories will appear on Strange Horizons this Friday), and the first Heavy Metal film (a little later, but still relevant to the subject).
Jul 18, 22:14 by Michael Andre-Driussi
Bowie and Delany?

Here's a curious detail that didn't have quite the legs to make it into the article, yet it is of some interest: on the Internet one can see essays/threads linking Bowie's album Diamond Dogs with Delany's novel Dhalgren.

The similarities are there, and some of them are rather striking, but on balance I don't think that Bowie read Dhalgren. Mainly because if he had read it, he most likely would have trumpeted it loudly! He wasn't at all shy about that sort of thing. I think the similarities between the two works are born of the common Spirit of the Times. For that matter, Bowie's Aladdin Sane seems like it might have many links to Dhalgren, perhaps even more than those found in Diamond Dogs!

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